The Baghdad Mansion

Mustafa Türk

Today, I went to the Topkapı Palace with my friend. I gonna write about The Baghdad Mansion. The Baghdad Mansion is one of the sections of The Topkapı Palace.

Sultans would come here to relax and drink coffee. When you enter inside, vase is attracting attention. Perhaps, it made of silver. The room is octagonal and it has 22 windows. The door, windows and cabinets were decorated with ivory stones. The walls were decorated with tile. Fireplace made of copper and it was decorated with Turkish motifs (tulips etc…). If you come here, you should go to the balcony of the mansion. There is a fascinating panorama from the balcony. You can see Haliç, Galata Bridge and Bosphorus.

I think so, there is more beautiful than other mansions. You should go there and you should see the impressive mansion at a weekend.

If I made mistakes, write the truth and help me please :D

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  1. s.azizoglu 22 Ocak 2014

    when are you go there mr. turk, and I want to learn: how does there

    hot? really, its interesting place. have a nice work (:

    1. Mustafa Türk 22 Ocak 2014

      On december 22nd with my friend, sercan (:
      There is a fireplace. That days, Sultans were warming up thanks to it. But now, it isn’t used because there is a museum :D Thank you, Azizoglu (:

      Shall we go to other palaces with? What