5 Mayıs

Effects of Global Warming

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Nowadays, we have some enviromental problems like drought. This is because of global warming. Effects of global warming have been seen for 50 years. There are two main effects of global warming: Melting of glaciers and climate change. The most important effect of global warming is melting of glaciers. The glaciers are melting because of an overheating of oceans. What is more, sea level will rise day by day. Many countries which are on the seaside will be under water. It will lead to death of species. Another major effect of global warming is climate change. There will be severe weather conditions. The rainfall will increase on the seaside. At the same time, it will decrease on the inland places and there will be drought. The ...

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17 Nisan

A Pensive Man

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I want to share one of the my memories. I don't remember which year. Perhaps, during a year of the primary school. I was waiting for a school bus at 7 o'clock in front of the home. The street was very quiet and the weather was foggy. A man was talking on the phone excitedly and very loudly while he was walking. At the same time, he was looking at the ground. So he didn't see a tree. He bumped into the tree and hit his head. I started laugh and he saw my laugh. I was scared and I ran home. Perhaps, he laughed too after I escaped. When I see a man talking on the phone, I remember that man and I laugh every ...

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8 Mart

Effects of Watching Too Much TV

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Nowadays, there is a television in every house because TV offers opportunities like news and entertainment. Children spend lots of time while they are watching TV. Watching too much TV is harmful for children for two reasons: physical effects and psychological effects. Firstly, watching too much TV has physical effects on children. While children watch TV, they sit and eat something all day so they may be obese. Also TV spreads radiation.This radiation may cause cancer. So watching too much TV is harmful on children's health. Another negative effect of TV on children is that they can not socialise. They spend lots of time at home and they don't talk to anyone. So they can not be successful in friendships and other relationships. To ...

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19 Ocak

The Baghdad Mansion

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Today, I went to the Topkapı Palace with my friend. I gonna write about The Baghdad Mansion. The Baghdad Mansion is one of the sections of The Topkapı Palace. Sultans would come here to relax and drink coffee. When you enter inside, vase is attracting attention. Perhaps, it made of silver. The room is octagonal and it has 22 windows. The door, windows and cabinets were decorated with ivory stones. The walls were decorated with tile. Fireplace made of copper and it was decorated with Turkish motifs (tulips etc...). If you come here, you should go to the balcony of the mansion. There is a fascinating panorama from the balcony. You can see Haliç, Galata Bridge and Bosphorus. [gallery link="file" ids="184,185,186,189,188,187"] I think so, there ...

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22 Aralık

Mobile Phones

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Mobile phone is very important in our life. People prefer mobile phone to keep in touch because it is very small and useful. It makes our life easier. For example, if we want to speak someone who isn't with us, we can call him or we can send a message. You can use mobile phone to listen to music because it is handy (thousands of music in your phone). You can surf on the Net and you can check your e-mail. You can record video or take photo in interesting places. You can look at GPS when you got lost. In my opinion, mobile phone's technology is going to develop in the future. This article is my writing task. Please don't copy or steal. If ...

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