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Effects of Global Warming

Nowadays, we have some enviromental problems like drought. This is because of global warming. Effects of global warming have been seen for 50 years. There are two main effects of global warming: Melting of glaciers ...

Mustafa Türk - 5 Mayıs 2014

A Pensive Man

I want to share one of the my memories. I don’t remember which year. Perhaps, during a year of the primary school. I was waiting for a school bus at 7 o’clock in front of the home. The street was very ...

Mustafa Türk - 17 Nisan 2014

Effects of Watching Too Much TV

Nowadays, there is a television in every house because TV offers opportunities like news and entertainment. Children spend lots of time while they are watching TV. Watching too much TV is harmful for children for ...

Mustafa Türk - 8 Mart 2014

The Baghdad Mansion

Today, I went to the Topkapı Palace with my friend. I gonna write about The Baghdad Mansion. The Baghdad Mansion is one of the sections of The Topkapı Palace. Sultans would come here to relax and drink coffee. When ...

Mustafa Türk - 19 Ocak 2014

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone is very important in our life. People prefer mobile phone to keep in touch because it is very small and useful. It makes our life easier. For example, if we want to speak someone who isn’t with ...

Mustafa Türk - 22 Aralık 2013