Effects of Global Warming

global_warmingNowadays, we have some enviromental problems like drought. This is because of global warming. Effects of global warming have been seen for 50 years. There are two main effects of global warming: Melting of glaciers and climate change.

The most important effect of global warming is melting of glaciers. The glaciers are melting because of an overheating of oceans. What is more, sea level will rise day by day. Many countries which are on the seaside will be under water. It will lead to death of species.

Another major effect of global warming is climate change. There will be severe weather conditions. The rainfall will increase on the seaside. At the same time, it will decrease on the inland places and there will be drought. The weather conditions will be difficult and survival will be difficult.

Global_Warming (1)To sum up, there will be terrible effects on earth. We must be careful to survive. For instance, we should plant trees and we should install chimney filters to factories. Thus, we can decrease the carbon dioxide in the air.

glaciers: (ice-field), buzullar
overheating of oceans: okyanuslardaki aşırı ısınma
species: canlı türleri
severe: (difficult), ağır, zorlu
drought: kuraklık
chimney filter: baca filtresi

This text is my essay from prep-school. Please, do not share social media and another websites. If I made some mistakes, write it that is correct, please (:


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