A Pensive Man

I want to share one of the my memories. I don’t remember which year. Perhaps, during a year of the primary school. I was waiting for a school bus at 7 o’clock in front of the home. The street was very quiet and the weather was foggy.

a-pensive-manA man was talking on the phone excitedly and very loudly while he was walking. At the same time, he was looking at the ground. So he didn’t see a tree. He bumped into the tree and hit his head. I started laugh and he saw my laugh. I was scared and I ran home.

Perhaps, he laughed too after I escaped. When I see a man talking on the phone, I remember that man and I laugh every time.

I wrote this text 6 months ago. At this times I don’t want to write anything. So I am publishing the old text (: Sorry I couldn’t write for a long time. See you at the next text.


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